3 days to go…


…and I’m not scared yet! Not at all!

Maybe a bit though.

Just got back from a blissful, sunny 18 days in France where I had little else to worry about other than sitting with my own thoughts, drinking copious Kir Bretons and eating my way into a baguette and BBQ induced coma.

Inevitably spent a lot of time dwelling on my impending 29th birthday. I had insisted on having an un-birthday while I was away too so that I could celebrate with my parents (who will still be living la vida francais on the Big Day) which seemed like a fabulous idea at the time.

2 birthdays = good.

2 cakes = great.

2 lots of presents = No? Well, was worth a try, and I did at least get one early!

We had a fabulous time, after my decision that I wanted to feel like a child again for the day led us to the Pont Scorff Zoo in blazing pass-me-the-water 35 deg C heat. (If you’re ever in Brittany, I can’t recommend this place enough. Best zoo I’ve ever been to, more than worth the slightly high entry price, but definitely set aside a whole day for it!)

We’d barely got over the hangovers caused by the post-zoo BBQ/Merlot marathon when my Dad’s 60th birthday rolled around, much to his horror – and mine! When did my Dad get to be 60? Why does his 40th feel like it was yesterday? How did that time go by so quickly? I don’t know who wanted to cry more, me or him!

The double-whammy of our two birthdays (ish) really brought it home to me why I’m making such an effort with this year. Time does march on seemingly behind your back, and if you let it, it breaks into a sprint. I used to have a colleague who hated the idea of time passing so much that he would cover the digital time in the corner of his computer monitor with a Post-It note, and would only sit at a desk that wasn’t facing a clock! While my efforts haven’t been quite as literal as his, I am definitely guilty of having done my best to ignore the tick-tock of the last decade, and that’s what has to change right now! I am going to face time head-on and embrace every tick and every tock!

I’ll try and do a blog post a day, with the thought that if I don’t have anything to say – then I’m not doing enough to make every day count! I have several things in my mind that I want to do/achieve, and I’m taking a big step towards one of them on my birthday (actual birthday!) – so watch this space!


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