Day 1

So it happened – I turned 29, and the universe didn’t implode or anything! So I have no good reason for not getting on with this blog.

I had an amazing day with Mr TwentyNine, and was suitably spoiled rotten. We spent a leisurely morning browsing around Truro, where I was treated to a gorgeous pair of boots and a nautical blazer (I’ve been lusting after one of these for ages, and suspect that as usual I’ve probably left it until they’ve gone out of fashion, but that at least is true to my own style!).

With blood sugars running dangerously low, we headed over for lunch at the fabulous One Eyed Cat restaurant.

I was thrilled that we’d been reserved a seat on the balcony, which looks down onto the very well-stocked bar. (Mental note to let my Dad know that they use Grey Goose Vodka, a bottle of which he was given for his 60th birthday!) I was also facing the fantastically quirky mural of Truro on the wall, which in my opinion absolutely makes the place!

I was a very happy girly, and even more so when – after devouring our appetiser of bread and dips in a matter of seconds – my eagerly ordered ‘Moules Frites’ arrived.

Bearing in mind that I’d just spent almost three weeks in France and experienced a few flawless versions of this dish while I was there, it had a lot to live up to… but didn’t disappoint! In a simple but bursting-with-flavour sauce of cream, white wine, onion and parsley, the mussels were big, juicy and cooked to perfection. Perfect portion size too – better than the French on that aspect, who seem to serve up a whole month’s mussel harvest in one bowl! Mr TwentyNine had the beef burger with fries, and seemed suitably impressed.

While the restaurant downstairs was very busy, upstairs had only a handful of tables occupied and our waiter was very attentive and friendly. It was a relaxed and happy atmosphere.

Dessert felt like a bit of a challenge to both of us as we were so full from our main courses, so we decided to share.

Warm, gooey, chocolatey – perfect!

The only disappointment was that they didn’t have any decaf coffee. I swore off caffeine about 2 months ago in an effort to banish my niggling headaches, and it has been so effect that I haven’t touched it since! So I settled for chamomile tea instead while Mr TwentyNine enjoyed his caffeinated coffee. We were surprised to realise we’d been there for 2 hours! It hadn’t felt that long at all.

Now came the important part – a trip to Truro Arts.

I studied art all through secondary school, and took it on to College where I did A-levels in Fine Art and Graphic Design among others. Art and design has been my passion for as long as I remember, but a severe crisis in confidence over the last ten years made me push it aside as a hobby, and consequently I haven’t painted a picture for about 6 years.

I am determined that this year, that will change. And Mr TwentyNine, being the most supportive husband an age-paranoid confidence-devoid wife could wish for, is behind me every step of the way and insisted on kick-starting my return to my painting with a set of new materials, for a new start.

I felt ridiculously nervous going into the shop and trying to choose things! My loss of confidence has resulted in me feeling like everyone can see right through me, and bizarrely made me convinced that whatever I put in my basket to take up to the counter, whoever served me would be laughing at my choices. I know that sounds like the ramblings of a crazy person, but it’s truly how I’ve felt and probably a good contributor to the reason it’s taken me so long to get to this point.

Choosing paint colours was getting me all flustered and I was starting to get the ‘I don’t know what I’m doing’ feeling, so I grabbed a good set of the basics and a few others before moving on to the canvasses.

Miraculously, things then seemed to fall into place.

I was looking at different sizes of shapes and canvasses and instinctively my mind was starting to superimpose paintings onto them. I could see images, compositions, colours, styles. I could see the shape my paintings were going to take, I could even see where I would hang them on the wall at home. It was brilliant to be feeling that way after so long! I chose just a few canvasses – a set of three 10cm x 20cm, one 30cm x 40cm and one 50cm x 50cm. With one last longing gaze at the nearby easels (which our bank balances would’ve balked at following what else we’d spent this month) I positively skipped over to the brushes and chose a gorgeous set of Winsor and Newton finest quality synthetics.

And above is a picture of the collection I ended up with! I’ll stress here that I could have bought SO much more. Truro Arts have an absolutely brilliant selection of arts and crafts materials and, had my budget been limitless, I would have been buying the place out of stock and hiring a van to take it all home in!

So there we go, I am all set up to get painting again and I am so excited. I think this will be a key to getting me back to feeling like myself again.

Of course I can’t leave this blog post without mentioning my other purchase of the day… a Samsung EcoBubble washing machine! I know, it’s definitely a sign of being seriously aged when you start to get excited about buying new white goods, but I can’t help it. It’s so lovely and silver and shiny, and will look fabulous in my kitchen. Big shout out to Comet in Truro for the fabulous customer service, with the whole experience topped off by the £50 knocked off the cost! It gets delivered on Thursday, and I’m almost hoping I actually do wet myself with excitement so I can test its cleaning abilities! Ha! I will be sure to blog about THAT!

We ended the whole day with a trip to see my sister, who choked me up by giving me a very pretty necklace with a special meaning, and home after that to chill out on the sofa with a bottle of wine, bag of popcorn and the ‘Rio’ Blu-Ray.

What a great start. Day 2 has a lot to live up to – bring it on!


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