Day 7 – That Friday feeling!

Day 7 came and went fairly stress-free – work was busy but with my new super positive attitude it didn’t bother me too much. My ‘to do’ list didn’t get a look in, with everything else that was thrown at me, but fingers crossed I’ll get a chance to tackle it on Monday!

The big news of the day is – the washing machine is installed! Hurrah! My sister and her builder boyfriend came over this evening, and within an hour or so the worktop end was moved, the washing machine was in place and Mr TwentyNine and I were leading the boyfriend around the house asking him to quote for all manner of other jobs we want doing!

(In case you’re wondering – paving the driveway, putting down a new lounge floor and tiling the bathroom. We would try it ourselves, but given last night’s washing machine escapade I’m pretty sure it would end in divorce or death-by-screwdrivers.)

Fairly quiet evening after they went, chilling out watching “Just Go With It”. I’m not a huge Adam Sandler fan, but I felt the need to force myself to see Jennifer Aniston’s body in the film to remind me (as I reached for the Dairy Milk) that I’m a long way from my perfect figure and give me a bit of an incentive!

It seems to have worked – afterwards I did a couple of lunges. Towards the biscuit tin, I admit, but exercise is exercise right?

I do love Friday evenings, with the promise of a whoooole lovely long weekend stretching ahead. Can’t wait!

Food For Thought

Cheated a bit tonight – it was late by the time my sister and boyfriend left, so I just chucked together some pork chops, bacon and scrambled egg with a few little plum tomatoes. Sounds like a weird combo but it worked! Back on the proper recipes tomorrow.


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