Day 8 – Home Comforts

The best thing since starting my new bedtime regime is that I’m even waking up on time at the weekends. I used to have this thing where if I overslept on a Saturday or Sunday (and I DID oversleep, a lot!) I would get so angry with myself for wasting half of my ‘free’ day! So being up and in the shower by 8am on a Saturday is a gooood feeling.

I dragged Mr TwentyNine out to the shops this morning in search of laundry nets.

Who says I don’t lead a thrilling life?

But unfortunately my new washing machine has stressed the importance of having these, warning (threatening?) that it may trap my delicates in unreachable places if I don’t. Sounds too painful to risk!

Of course a quick trip to Wilkos turned into quite a lengthy tour around Wilkos, and we left with a few armfuls of stuff – including two fab plant pots in bright green and pink for half price (£2.49 and £3.49 respectively). Worth going in there right about now actually, if you have a shop near you – almost all their garden stuff was going cheap, presumably having given up on our British summer for once and for all!

I also managed to wangle a detour to Superdrug to pick up a bottle of Barry M magnetic nail polish. I know I’m desperately behind the times but I only heard about it the other day and really wanted to give it a go myself. Have to say it’s lovely , especially the colour I got. Please ignore my stubby won’t-grow-for-toffee nails and applied-in-the-car paint job!

Barry M Magnetic Nail Polish in Burgundy

Back home (via a McDonalds strawberry sundae – so shoot me, it was a sunny day and I couldn’t resist!) I had a bit of a housework day. Making the most of the sunny weather, and desperate to try out my new washing machine, I washed and dried four loads of clothes. And I only watched two of the cycles going round and round while my machine flashed prettily, I swear.

Later in the afternoon I decided to wash the windows. We’d borrowed my father-in-law’s window washing brush attachment for our hose, after the sun coming in through the windows the evening before (or trying to) had highlighted about an inch of grime on the outside! Yuk. I’ve never been keen on the idea of bringing in window cleaners (why do I imagine they’re all perves who’d try to turn up while I was showering/changing/dancing round naked?) so it had to be a DIY job.

Bloody. Knackering. And I got more water on myself than the windows. By the time I had finished the conservatory and side windows and got to the front of the house, I was very conscious that I was giving the neighbours a bit of a free wet t-shirt show so finished up rather hastily.

A lazy evening followed, and we even got suckered into watching The X Factor. I hate the show with a passion since we went up to watch the live auditions in Birmingham last year, and got to see first-hand what a farce the whole thing is. Ok, we all know that it’s pre-planned, they get rubbish people in to make fun of them, they’ve groomed the good ones for months before the auditions and got them to bring their sob stories (pregnant wives/doddery old grans/brood of 15 children) along with them; but being there and experiencing it first hand was a very uncomfortable experience! We left half way through the filming and didn’t look back.

That poor nervous guy at the end last night… The show will chew him up, improve their ratings and then spit him out. I can hardly bear to watch it.

But hey ho, it’s a bit of mindless Saturday night TV and that was just what we were in the mood for. And I got to watch Gary Barlow for an hour, which is never a bad thing. (I liked him even back at the start of Take That when he was fat with bleach blond hair – that is dedication!)

And I almost forgot! We stuck to our annual tradition of watching Last Night of The Proms too. (With Mr TwentyNine being a musician, I have to put up with these things every now and then!) He has played at the Royal Albert Hall before – and won UK’s Most Promising Young Musician for his effort (proud wife alert!) – so I’m always fascinated to see it.

I was sat there remarking how much I’d love to go there one day – I’ve only ever been to London 3 times, and always for a specific purpose – never to just do the tourist thing. Anyway, browsing the RAH website on my phone I looked at December and saw that the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (with the Bach Choir) are performing Christmas song and carols on 3rd December… for years now I’ve been saying how I would love to go to a really decent Christmas concert (I’m a total Christmas nut, as you’ll find out in a few months!) – so Mr TwentyNine booked us 2 tickets!! Eeek! I was actually welling up with excitement, and have already starting counting down the days (86, if you were wondering).

Food For Thought

Tonight’s dinner was a huge success!

Pork loin marinated in lemon and herbs, with onion, parsnip, fennel and carrot wedges.

Mr TwentyNine cleared the plate again, a definite sign of how good it was! It was the first time he’d ever eaten fennel, carrot or parsnips, and also the first time he’d ever eaten ‘exposed’ onion like that but he assures me he thoroughly enjoyed it all. What a winner!

Washed it all down with a bottle of Wolf Blass sparkling chardonnay – parfait.


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