Day 9 – Brushing up

Today was a Big Day in my world.

For the first time in more than 5 years I started a new painting.

*insert appropriate happy dancing emoticon here*

I was so unbelievably nervous about it though! I got myself in a right tizzy trying to decide what to paint. Everything I looked at suddenly seemed ridiculously complicated and way beyond my perceived capabilities. Boat scene? No, could never make the sea look realistic. Sunset? Ooh I don’t know about such complex blending for my first piece. People? Skin tones – are you kidding me??

Eventually I settled on a scene I had photographed in Pont Aven this summer. If you’ve never heard of Pont Aven, it’s on the southern coast of Brittany and is famous for its artists (Paul Gaugin, Emile Bernard, Paul Serusier). It is the prettiest little place you can imagine, and it’s also the place that really inspired me this summer to get back into painting – so it seems fitting that I paint it!

Pont Aven, Brittany

La Promenade Xavier Grall, Pont Aven

The scene I have chosen is near to the second photo above, on La Promenade Xavier Grall, and features a small bridge (not the one above!) surrounded by trees and flowers, with water gently rushing underneath.

And very nervously… here’s what I have done so far:

The very beginning of my painting!

NB. It is instagrammed, it’s not quite so garish IRL!

I’m really pleased with it despite the little self-doubt demon on my shoulder going “It’s crap! Give up now!” And more importantly, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

What do you think so far? I’d love to receive your (gentle on my fragile confidence) comments below!

Food For Thought

Another delicious dinner tonight, and another clear plate from Mr TwentyNine!

Chicken stir fried in an orange, ginger and soy sauce with noodles, red pepper and red onion.

This was another recipe from Resourceful Cook – really loving this website.

I have promised Mr TwentyNine he can have a chicken korma tomorrow as a ‘reward’ for his healthy eating in the past week, bless him, but the healthy recipes will resume afterwards!

Does anyone have a great recipe to recommend that’s less than 500 calories a portion? I’d love to know!


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