Day 18 – The One With Pink Gym Girl


Managed to get up for the gym again, although not quite so eagerly as the day before. As has happened every time I’ve joined a gym, the novelty had worn off pretty fast. But I dragged myself through the routine of packing my gym bag, shovelling down a flapjack and a cuppa and once we got there, I was fine. I surprised myself by managing 10 minutes on the exercise bike, 25 minutes on the cross trainer and 20 minutes on the treadmill (including 5 mins running – well, brisk jogging!) without collapsing once. Go me!

I took my Kindle in today, after yesterday’s discovery of that wonderful little book ledge on all the machines! They have quite a stack of magazines at the gym, but they mainly seem to be celebrity gossip type mags. I hate these with a passion – the content is fabricated scandalous nonsense, the pictures are either so obviously airbrushed and photoshopped that the subjects may as well be plastic dolls, or so blurry and pixelated through the paparazzi’s long lens that even the fuzzy ‘celebrity’s’ own mother couldn’t identify them, and the content wouldn’t stimulate the brain of a Nuts Magazine model.

If I wanted all of that, I’d just buy the Daily Mail.

But more to the point the last thing I want to be looking at when I’m sweating my lumpy backside off is a picture of that smug twiglet Victoria Beckham, or reading some WAG’s claims that they “never exercise, and eat a lot of junk food – I must just have a high metabolism!” which we all know translates too “I nibble on a lettuce leaf every 3 hours before leaning over the bowl with my fingers down my throat, then do 2 hours on my diamond-encrusted treadmill in my private home gym that is bigger than the square footage of your whole house.”

Not that I’m bitter.

The only magazine I subscribe to at home is Computer Arts (stop laughing) but that’s also not the kind of thing I want to try to concentrate on while I’m working out. I have visions of jogging along reading a tutorial on how to make something particularly challenging in Adobe Illustrator, then getting to a difficult part – hmm, I need to stop to think – whoa!! *flies off treadmill into cross trainer behind*.

So the Kindle and my current novel (Ash by James Herbert – not my usual choice but it was 20p in the Amazon store, and I do like a book bargain!) were the obvious choice.

A year or so ago I started another blog, and one of my first posts was entitled “Cruel to be Kindle”. I basically swore my undying love for the paperback and pledged never to be sucked into this digital nightmare. The feel of the book, the smell of the paper – why would I ever not want that? Well as it turned out, the knowledge that I would read at least 10 books on holiday this summer – and that if I had to squeeze them into my suitcase I would have to leave some clothes behind – was enough to sway me. So fickle.

The gym has confirmed that I made the right decision though. Today I watched some poor, exhausted, sweaty woman nearly fall off the cross trainer as she let go of the handles to turn the page of her paperback and secure the pages with paperclips. I did throw her a sympathetic smile – before nonchalantly extending my pinky to lightly touch my Kindle screen and turn my own page. Sorry, love!

She got the last laugh though – have you ever actually tried to read while jogging??? I think I under-estimated the extent to which I would be moving up and down on the treadmill, and found myself reading top line… bottom line… top line… bottom line… somewhere in middle of the page – oh sod it, I give up. 


I also realised today, to my horror, that I have turned into Pink Gym Girl. You know the kind – buys the matching outfit, chooses shoes by colour over comfort, scours Superdrug for the perfect complimentary shade of lipstick and nail varnish to top off the ensemble, and walks into the gym like a perfectly preened strawberry lollipop. And then quits after one session.

Now I haven’t quit after one session, I don’t wear lipstick to the gym, and my shoes may be pink but they were chosen for comfort and the colour was a happy coincidence – that, and the fact that a proportion of the purchase went to Breast Cancer Care. But to my horror as I pulled my Kindle out of my (oh yes, PINK gym bag) I realised I was equipped with:

– Pink gym top
– Black leggings with a pink stripe on the side
– Pink and white trainers
– Pink water bottle
– Pink Kindle case
– Pink nail varnish (applied the night before with no prior planning)

I swear on my Kindle’s life that those items were purchased months or even years apart, yet somehow they are all the same perfect raspberry pink colour. And I just know that when I enter the gym in that get-up, I will be judged as Pink Gym Girl.

And that alone, readers, gives me the motivation to get up again tomorrow and prove them wrong.

Food For Thought

I wasn’t keen on tonight’s choice. I had some cod to use up and so found three cod recipes, emailed them through to Mr TwentyNine and asked which he’d prefer. As dictated by sod’s law, he chose the one I wanted least. *sigh*

Cod with tomato and chorizo sauce and green beans

It was ok I guess, just a bit bland. I don’t think the flavour of the chorizo really came through enough so it was a bit like just having a piece of fish in tomato sauce.

I will try one of the others next time!


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