Days 19 to er… 23!

I’m tutting and hanging my head in shame – I’ve done it again! In my defence, work was so busy at the end of last week that I didn’t get a chance for the lunch hour that I normally update this in, and once home I have to concentrate on the hungry mouths that need feeding, namely the cats and Mr TwentyNine. I swear, I don’t get a minute’s peace until their stomachs are full and they’re lying on the floor purring contentedly. All of them.

The fitness routine continues to go well! Final gym session of the week was on Thursday, and then on Saturday I braved my first step class. It was more fun than I thought, but my prediction that my severe lack of co-ordination would impair me came to fruition. Invariably I would just about master a step by the time the instructor moved on to the next one, and then my attempt at joining in when she strung them all together ended up with me facing the wrong way towards the rest of the class, who were all doing a step-step-step-kick routine whereas I was throwing a couple of half-assed star jumps.

And then. THEN they brought out bloody hula hoops!! Hahaha, oh my dear life, I was the only person in the class who couldn’t keep the damn thing up around my waist for more than 5 seconds. Literally everybody else – including my friend who I’d dragged along for moral ‘let’s be crap together’ support – kept them going for the whole 10 minute exercise. I have no idea what I was doing wrong. I tried everything from barely moving to thrusting my hips in a circle with a circumference comparable to that of the London Eye – but it may as well have been the London Eye for all my efforts! At least I could’ve given up and flung the bastard in the Thames. Completely useless!

Finally, there was the moment at the end where we all had to lie down on gym mats for some stomach exercises – after the instructor helpfully said “I’d suggest you buy your own gym mat if you don’t have one already – it’s said there’s more germs on public gym mats than you’d find in a public toilet!”

Right, thanks for that love!

So I basically lay there for 10 minutes crunching abs I didn’t know that I had (but that haven’t let me forget it since) while acutely aware that my poor weary body was being invaded by millions of (presumably pink-loving) bacteria. Revolting!

I did enjoy the session though, it worked me hard and I think (hope) that with a few goes at it I’ll improve enough for it to be really doing something. It was certainly better than sitting at home anyway!

I have to confess that I treated myself to a glass of red wine on Saturday night – it won’t be a regular thing, but I think after this first week I’d really earned it.

Sunday passed way too lazily. I am annoyed with myself as I had so much I wanted to do, but couldn’t muster the enthusiasm to do any of it! Therefore Sunday consisted of reading a book, watching TV, and eating. Healthy food of course, but still… another wasted day! ? I don’t know, maybe we needed the rest. I won’t beat myself up about it anyway.

So that’s the first week of my new health and fitness routine completed. Bring on Week 2 and whatever challenges it may hold!

Food For Thought

I made up a couple of meals this weekend with leftovers I needed to use, and they were both delicious!

Friday night Mr TwentyNine was out with his band so I threw something together just for me.

Grilled salmon in spaghetti tossed with leeks, broccoli and parmesan

What I Used: 

1 salmon steak
1 leek (sliced)
Few small heads of broccoli (chopped)
20g parmesan (grated)
2tbsp fat-free greek yoghurt
75g wholewheat spaghetti


I cooked the spaghetti for 8 minutes, while boiling the leeks and broccoli for approx 5 mins and grilling the salmon for 2-3 mins on each side.

Stirred the leeks, broccoli, greek yoghurt and parmesan in with the drained spaghetti, seasoned with salt and pepper. Cut the salmon steak in half and chopped half of it into small pieces which I stirred in with the above, and then served the other half whole on top.

Added a few parmesan shavings et voila! Really quick and delicious.


Then on Saturday night I kind of threw together a beef/noodle thing again using up more of my leeks and broccoli (I don’t mind repetitive ingredients!) which was basically medium egg noodles, strips of beef, leeks, broccoli, ginger, garlic and oyster sauce. Also completely delish and Mr TwentyNine approved! Bonus!

Beef noodles in an oyster, garlic and ginger sauce with broccoli and leeks


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