In my defence, I have been busy…

Forgive me blogland, for I have sinned – and not posted here for ages!

It’s for the best reason though… my life is now so full of doing things that I enjoy that I simply haven’t had the time! Can’t argue with that!


I’ll start with updating this. Those of you who read my “woes of a skinny fat girl” post will know that I’m on a quest for fitness and to lower my high (disproportionately so for my height and weight) body fat percentage.

5 and a half weeks in – and I’m still going! This is a major achievement for me. I am a self-confessed non-finisher. I habitually take on projects, live/sleep/breathe them for a few hours/days/weeks – and then drop them before I finish. So to still be going at 5 and a half weeks is a real achievement, and more importantly it hasn’t even crossed my mind once that I want to give up!

My routine now is somewhat varied and I like that – it keeps me and my body on my toes. Take this week for example ( a prime example of why I’ve not had time to be on here!):

Monday – Gym (legs and abs)
Tuesday – 1 hr Body Blast class, followed by 1 hr Pilates class
Wednesday – Gym (arms and cardio)
Thursday (tonight) – Pole Fitness
Friday – Gym
Saturday – Step Class

You’ll see Pole Fitness has crept back in this week – yes, I’m pleased to report that my first lesson last week was a success! Ok, I’m not going to be doing it in stilettos any time soon, but I picked up a couple of basic spins and kind of mastered the sitting up on the pole gripping it with only my thighs – no hands! It was agony on my legs, but once I’d got used to gritting my teeth through the pain I managed to hold it for a full minute – go me! I had some LOVELY bruises all up my legs the next day – in fact, some of them are still there which should make tonight’s session interesting…

Anyway – here’s the results so far:

Starting weight – 120lbs
Current weight – 120lbs

Really pleased with this – as I stated from the beginning, losing weight wasn’t my intention anyway. It’s about getting healthy and stronger.

Starting body fat % – 32.4%
Current body fat % – 29.4%

THRILLED with this! I don’t know how quickly it’s meant to happen, but a 3% body fat loss in just over 5 weeks seems pretty good to me!

Starting muscle % – 25.2%
Current muscle % – 28.7%

Again, really chuffed by that! And as I’m not looking any bigger, it must mean that I’m turning all that bad fat into muscle. 🙂

Starting visceral fat – 4
Current visceral fat – 3

I’m not entirely sure what these numbers mean – it’s what comes up on my body analyser scales so I’ll check the manual later – but it’s going down which is definitely a good thing!

I’ve taken some before and after pictures but I’m not quite ready to share them with the whole world yet. There is a definite visible difference though!

I have also been trying my absolute hardest to ‘eat clean’ – lots of lean meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts, fish, wholegrain rice, eggs, water, green tea – and I think that’s being reflected in my energy levels and the results above. I still have slip-ups – at the weekends especially – but I’m not going to beat myself up over it. I’m still making a huge difference!

Arty crafty stuff

I took last Thursday off work to head down to the new HobbyCraft near me, and purchased a tonne of stuff to make Christmas cards and decorations as… drumroll… I’ve booked a table at a Christmas craft fair! Another huge step for me in believing that the things I make are actually good enough for anyone to want to buy!

Here’s just a few of examples of what I’ve been doing:

Lovely little gingerbread family made from a HobbyCraft kit

Gorgeous winter owls

Little felt button trees of my own design

Little angel card all bagged up ready to sell!

Really happy to be crafting again, and really enjoying working with the felt! Not something I’ve done before, but I can see the potential for creating some lovely things. 🙂

Oh and I almost forgot – I kind of made the world’s BEST pirate chest birthday cake! My work colleague asked me to help her out, as her niece was having a pirate-themed birthday party and had DEMANDED (in a way that only 6 year olds can!) a pirate treasure chest birthday cake!

After a lot of fretting under the pressure of such a bossy client 😉 this was the fruits of our labours…

The finished pirate’s chest cake!

Close up view – complete with treasure map!

I was so proud of this. I love cake decorating, I’ve inherited that from my mum. And in doing this I learned the valuable lesson – if in doubt, SPRAY IT GOLD!

In other news…

I have the loveliest Dad in the whole wide world. 🙂 He completely took me by surprise a couple of Fridays ago by asking me round as he ‘had something for me’… and then giving me an envelope with £500 in it! After I’d recovered from the shock, he explained that it’s a gift from his pension lump sum (he has just recently taken partial retirement) and he really wanted to give me and my sister something to treat ourselves with. All he asked was that we used some of it to buy something to keep.

After a lot of thinking, it suddenly came to me what the most perfect thing would be – something I’d wanted for ages and that would have a lot of symbolic meaning. So Mr TwentyNine and I travelled to Plymouth where I bought this:

My beautiful Pandora bracelet

I love love love it!! The frog charm represents my dad (his favourite animal and we always used to buy him froggy gifts when we were little). The drum charm represents Mr TwentyNine (obviously as he is a drummer!). The owl is for my mum, who has collected all things owly for as long as I can remember! And the clasps at each end are called ‘firework’ which pretty much represents how exciting and awesome my life is right now. 🙂

While we were in Plymouth we did a little bit more retail therapy, and a trip to Lipsy proved much more successful than my efforts in Birmingham and I found THE dress for Christmas this year!

Rubbish picture, but you can see the shape…

…and here’s the close-up detail! It’s like this all over.

It’s navy blue with sequins all over, and I am determined that by Christmas I will have the perfect figure to go into it! My 12 week target is on 10th December, so I should get there just in time!

Also couldn’t resist Next’s Christmas window display and bought this lovely cushion.

Christmas Pudding Cushion from Next

Mr TwentyNine, who had never ventured into the Home section of Next before, started mentally buying a whole new load of bedroom furniture too – but that will have to wait until the new year as I want my living room floor done first!!


I won!

To round this off with a lovely bit of good news, I won a competition on Twitter this week! So chuffed, I never ever win prize draws and what I got was absolutely stunning – a sequin flapper dress worth £150 from designer William Tempest’s range at River Island! Sooooooooo lucky.

My lovely competition win!

I can’t wait for this to arrive and wear it some place lovely. Thanks River Island and William Tempest!

Now if only Orange could follow suit and deliver my iPhone 5 at last, I’d call it a perfect ending…!


2 thoughts on “In my defence, I have been busy…

  1. Ooh great update 🙂

    Love your crafts hun,seriously gorgeous, would you be willing to do some of the owls for me I know a few people theyd make perfect presents for, dm/txt me hun let me know :):)

    Love your lipsy dress so gorgeous it would be obscene on me lol so I’m jealous, plus the River Island win is just darling!!! X

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