In my defence, I have been busy…

Forgive me blogland, for I have sinned – and not posted here for ages! It’s for the best reason though… my life is now so full of doing things that I enjoy that I simply haven’t had the time! Can’t argue with that! Fitness I’ll start with updating this. Those of you who read my […]

Days 29 & 30 – Lazy local weekend… in pictures!

Sometimes you just have to slow it down and have a lazy weekend – so that’s exactly what I did. Friday was date night with hubby at the cinema. We realised we hadn’t been to the cinema since March – we seem to do that, have a phase of going all the time and then […]

Recipe – ‘Roast chicken and tomato tagliatelle’

As requested by a reader, here is the recipe for the roast chicken and tomato tagliatelle that I showed in my last post. This is another mouth-watering recipe from The Resourceful Cook – a friend recommended this website and it is just fantastic, especially if you’re trying to cook to a specific budget! Ingredients (serves 2) […]